5 Problems That Let Customers Hate Your Company

5 Problems That Let Customers Hate Your Company

Every successful company wants a happy customer. Most businesses feel bad when a hard earned customer hates their company. Check if your business has any of these problems that let customers hate your company.

Failing On Your Promise

The most irritating and high priority problem a customer can face with your company is failing to fulfill on your promise. Customers don’t just buy your products or service. Customers trust your brand and company on the promises you make and then invest in your product hoping you will deliver on the promise. Keeping your promise is a important value of a successful business.

The worst a business could do is fail on the promise that you have given to your customer. Be it faulty products or not solving the problem they have or the solution you would provide when they needed help. At all costs companies should fulfill the promise they made to their customer.

Being Inaccessible

A customer will need you if they have a problem with your product or service. A successful company should be accessible to their customer at all times through as many channels as possible. When your customer unable to communicate with you, they get frustrated. Remember, when they can’t speak to you, they will speak to other who are willing to listen. Those people listening will only hear all bad things about you. This negative publicity will let even your potential customers hate your company. Communicate with your target audience as much as you can.

Sending Them On a Loop

We all have been there. Trying to send your customer from one place to another on an endless loop is a horrible mistake every business should avoid. Take responsibility and hear them about their problems and provide them a solution. If not at least direct them to the responsible person who will directly address their problem. Making a customer bounce here and there or sending them on a loop will definitely make your customer hate your company.

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Giving Not Enough Explanation

If your able to solve their problem or not, give them an explanation. Often no explanation or little explanation will leave your customer confused. Sometimes, if you don’t have an explanation for the problem they face, honestly say to them that you feel sorry and that you have no solution for them right now. Get their contact details and let them know if you find a solution in the future. By doing this you won’t be giving this reason to your customers to hate your company.

Not Taking Customer Feedback Seriously

People talk, good or bad about the products or services they try. Listen to them. It is easier today through social media. Their feedback is valuable to running your business successfully. It takes time and effort for a customer to give feedback to you. So consider each one of them seriously and solve them.

There is a story that General Motors had a weird feedback about its Pontiac car. It was that the car did not start when the customer bought vanilla ice cream but had no problem when they bought other flavors. The company took the feedback seriously. They found it was due to vapor lock, which occurred because of time difference in buying the different flavors of ice cream. So, it’s always necessary to listen to your customers no matter how different they are.

By avoiding these 5 pitfalls you won’t let your customers hate your company.

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