Basics of How Brands Can Grow On Social Media?

Basics of How Brands Can Grow On Social Media?

We are years into the social media revolution and most brands still miss the point. There is an enormous difference between being on social media and engaging on it. Social media is not a business card just sitting there. It is a dynamic, living process.

Engage with your Consumer

Socials media is a two-way street in communicating with your consumers. Brands have a plenty of room for improvement in the areas of genuine engagement and response across social media platforms. Customers of any brand have high expectations for engagement on social media. When customers interact with a brand, they want some reaction and quickly.

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Don’t Try to Be Everywhere.

Choose your platforms carefully according to where you supporters are. Trying to be present in every new platform available and actively interact with consumers will need a dedicated time and resources. So, it’s alright if you have just two or three social media presence, focus more on engaging with them and soon they will grow. Nevertheless, it will be much easier to monitor them and respond in time.

Maintain Consistency - How Brands Can Grow On Social Media

Maintain Consistency

Succeeding in your plan to improve your social media presence depends on consistency and commitment. You must keep the conversation going and must never be perceived by your audience as not active. It requires active involvement on social media platforms that should see the brand communicate to its consumers. As a brand communicating on social media is not just about yourself but talking about the things your followers care about too.

Handle Criticism with Care

Some might voice their concerns of poor service. It is how well you handle these shortfalls and criticism as a brand changes your brand’s perception. Don’t ever be rude on social media or anywhere else. As a brand, we are here to serve our customers and consumers. Apologize and Thank where every necessary. Read and understand about these 5 Problems That Let Customers Hate Your Company. Maintain positivity and make yourself responsible for any fault on your side by acknowledging what people say to you. It is the feeling of being herd by the consumer on social media which matters most for a brand.

Identify Influencers

There are some individuals who are established as influencers on social media. These are individuals who can influences decisions of their follower’s and community. The reach of a brand through these influential people on social media is considered very high. It is a no brainer these are the people you as a brand should get attention of, if you are hoping to be maximize value. Initiating interaction with them can earn your brand attention from their admirers as well.

Identify Influencers

Track and Measure

Social media should be tracked and measured for finding the efficiency in achieving your goals, apart from understanding consumer behavior. Brands must always set goals and track results to improve and change the way they communicate if necessary. The ROI of a campaign on social media is not merely about money, but brand value, loyalty and many more.

Communicate Well

Communication helps build trust, bridge relationships, sustains knowledge and also makes chance more predictable. Communication builds a nourishing environment for organizations, brands and individuals to grow. And everyone needs to understand communication better in order to impact their own futures. A brand’s voice should suit the brands image, but also approachable and human; Which defines the way words you use and how you communicate with your social media followers.

Build Trust

How do you create trust in any relationship? You show that you care, stay dependable and honest, and not only take, but also give. The same is true when creating brand trust. Show customers you care by providing them with the best customer service, night and day. Never be dishonest about what you provide. Always be transparent. Building brand trust as a new company is much like a new friendship.

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