How to Make a Comeback from A Bad Decision?

How to Make a Comeback from A Bad Decision?

Making a decision is the only way to move forward. Yes, sometimes even a bad decision. Read how to make a comeback from a bad decision.

Generally, a person who makes a thousand wrong decisions is better off than a person who makes no decisions at all. Because a person who has made a thousand wrong decisions has ruled out a thousand things that do not work for them. They are much better prepared to move forward towards success than the person who haven’t even tried.

Learn from Bad Decision

Bad decisions are unpleasant. Yet they are a terrific learning experiences. Every time there is something that one can learn from making a wrong decision. Always see bad decisions as a learning opportunity and new experience. Every road takes us somewhere. So, bad decisions are not so bad when you have learnt from it. Do a post-mortem analysis of the bad decision and remember to wise up and not repeat it again. What counts is that over time the good decisions outweigh and eclipse the bad decisions.

Focus On Future Opportunities

Bad decisions do make us humble and more compassionate. Also, Bad decisions make us fearful of taking wrong decisions and question all future decisions as well. This focus on future opportunities helps to eliminate distractions of wasted effort and resources due to bad decision. Keep your focus on things you can control. Successful people focus on the future and celebrate the milestones along the way. So, Move on.

Focus On Future Opportunities

Take Responsibility Like a True Leader

True leader to be the one to make a decision. They are the ones who decide and give directions. True leaders ultimately are willing to carry the burden of responsibility of success or failure on their shoulders. It’s a lot easier to sweep bad decisions under the rug and pretend they never happened. But there’s power in taking responsibility. Avoiding bad decisions is not the objective; owning them is. So, take responsibility like a true leader to make a comeback from bad decision.

Balance Your Emotions

Good decisions are not made in times of panic or through bad emotions. Rushing into any decision is risky, but rushing from a bad decision immediately into another one is the riskiest behavior of all. We often see businesses and lives get ruined because of impulsive behavior. You might simply not be in a position of clarity just yet. Be patient with yourself and take the time to recover. Once you’re in a place where you have clarity and conviction, you can then take the corrective action needed.

Weigh Your Choices

It is essential that we understand why we made the decision we made. Keep in mind that this is not a time to think of excuses for why it happened; this is a time to understand why it happened so we can avoid making similar decisions in the future. One must reflect on their inner self to ask what can be fixed or changed now. Weigh the choices and think about what you can do in the future to make sure you don’t find yourself making similar decisions.

Dont Be Afraid to Take Decisions

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Decisions

All of us show bias when it comes to what information we take in. We typically focus on anything that agrees with the outcome we want. Bad decisions can mislead people sometimes to not make future decisions or change due to sunk cost fallacy. We need to be aware of our natural born optimism, for that harms good decision making, too. Approach everything with curiosity and openness, don’t be afraid to take decisions.

I am the result of the good choices I’ve made and the bad choices.

– Madonna Louise Ciccone

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