7 Entrepreneurship Skills You Can Learn from Camping ⛺

7 Entrepreneurship Skills You Can Learn from Camping

Camping can teach you Entrepreneurship skills that most business boot camps don’t. Sleep under the stars while also learning to start a successful business and become an Entrepreneur. Here are these 7 entrepreneurship skills you can learn from camping. ⛺

Starting a Fire Is Same as Starting a Business

Discovering Fire is one of the most valuable findings that made us evolve into humans we are today. A Lightening strike would have made our ancestors discover fire. Which they would have to carry it alive where ever they camped until they discovered to start one by themselves. Starting a fire was such a precious skill for them and still is for a camper today.

Have you started a fire?

Yes! Then you would understand how hard it is to start one.

Starting a fire is only half the battle. The way you build a fire can affect how long the fire will last. It holds true to starting a business and entrepreneurship as well. One has to start small with the necessary resources at hand and then build by adding more fuel for it to grow. Add the wood fast, you could put off the fire. Spend money fast, you could burn out even before you start. The goal here is to start one and let it grow sustainably for as long as possible.

Set Out to Explore

The journey is as important as the destination. A camper is someone wants to know the unknown and take risks, they want to set out to explore what’s around them.  They leave their comfort zone of home to go in search of their curiosity. The desire to find new opportunities and having a higher grit to accomplish things makes this camping skill worth learning for every entrepreneur.

The path of an entrepreneur also has similar traits while starting a business. All the successful entrepreneurs have taken risks, they have the quality to follow their passion and accomplish their goals leaving their comfort zone. They constantly keep pushing themselves to do better. They keep exploring for new opportunities endlessly.

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Adapt to The Situation

While camping one has to adapt to the situation they are in. They have to use the resources available around them and make the best out of the situation. The climate might change drastically while you camp or you might have forgotten to pack some essentials. As you camp, you may be away from any civilization. Therefore, it is important that you learn to adapt to the situation.

The skill to adapt to any situation must be the second nature of an entrepreneur. Day in and day out the situations might change around us presenting potential new opportunities and challenges. Some of the changes would be beyond our control. The only way we can be successful is to adapt to the situation ASAP.

Learn to Gather Resources

In camping gathering resources is an important skill. One has to gather wood, food and fresh water for the basic survival. Sure, some people might have packed some of them beforehand. But to stay true to the nature of camping, most of the campers use what’s available around them and save what they have packed for the rainy day.

Likewise, in business one has to gather resources available at their disposal. One must know to gather resources like funding, acquiring talent, build networks to grow the business.

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Have a Strategy

Camping takes a fine amount of planning to have a better experience. They make plans and strategies to find the locations they want to experience or be it packing the things they want and accomplish the things they wanted to do. Every camper has a plan to setup up a camp and start fire before the sun goes down. They also will have strategies in case of any animal attack.

Learning to always have a strategy is an entrepreneurship skill that camping can teach you as an entrepreneur. Any business requires a plan for the expected and needs a good strategy for the unexpected to run it successfully. For example, what strategy would your business follow when a cyber-attack happens?

Being a Leader and a Team Player

Camping can be more fun when you have friends and family. One has to be a good team player to enjoy the camping experience. Works such as setting up a tent or starting a fire should be split amongst people and done. Members of the team should accept responsibility of what they can do best and lead the rest.

Being a team player is a social skill that an entrepreneur has to build to motivate the team and get things done. To have a successful working culture for your business you have to be a good team player and a leader.

Ensure You Survive

Building shelter is one of the most basic step for survival. Be it for a night or a few days, a camper has to have a place to sleep protect himself from the weather, wild and so on. Exit strategy and backup plans are devised in case of failure.

In entrepreneurship the person has to survive through the entire journey, protecting oneself first. The entrepreneur should make backup plans to ensure his survival. One should have an exit strategy for him and his business in case things don’t go as they had hoped. He or She has to build the entrepreneurship skills to survive no matter what; To fulfill their dreams.

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