5 Persuasion Hacks to Change Anyone’s Mind

5 Persuasion Hacks to Change Anyone's Mind

These easy to follow yet powerful persuasion hacks help you to change anyone’s mind faster. 

First one must understand, Persuasion is not a trick, but a tool to motivate and inspire others to do want we want. Difference between a trick and a tool is that a trick is used as a way to outwit someone to do something we want. Where as a tool is a technique that enables someone to decide if they want to do something we want. Successful use of these persuasion hacks improves the likelihood of change on anyone.

1) Be Persistent

Trying to change someone’s mind on the first time happens rarely. A change occurs when the other person has new information to process. Giving up after trying the first time is a wasted opportunity. Only with your persistent efforts, there will be change.

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He / She uses their previous experience to decide on something. Until you give them new perspective of the scenario for them to think through, you will have the same result. Promise change to spur change. This is why time plays a crucial role in persuasion. At a different point of time, the person can see the value and change their mind only if you are persistent.

2) Tell them “Why?”

Often explaining or giving a reason why, can help someone change their mind. Give them true facts and reasons why you want them to do something. You will be surprised how often others are willing to do what you want when you tell them why you need their help.  I believe the word why? Has the power to change anyone’s mind.

Take a look at the video below on the “Importance of Why?” by Simon Sinek.

3) Build Trust

It is hard to change someone’s mind if you are a complete stranger to them. There is no doubt that sometime even your close friends might need some persuasion to do something. But it is not as difficult as the case may be with the unknown person. Give the person some honest compliments, tell them something good that you heard others say about them. Only when you build enough trust that you can change someone mind.

4) Be Happy to Reciprocate

Action speaks louder than words. Asking for something is not a one-way street. Be happy to reciprocate, often people will need your help in doing something. Go ahead and do those things within your limit for them. By doing something for others you gain their trust, like I said earlier building trust is important. The entire human civilization has been built up on this idea of reciprocation. You can trust that it can also help you to change someone’s mind.

5) Share “What Other Might Do?”

People often don’t have the experience to decide on what they need to do when you ask them for something.  Share information on what others might do in their shoes. Give them facts on how helpful other have been to you.

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The confirmation bias plays a huge role, when you persuade others. Most people do what they see other people do during unknown situations. This influence is what makes many brands successful. People often see or do what the people around them are doing. When you tell them a short story on what others did, they will be more than glad to change their mind.

How do you persuade someone to change their mind? Share your story with Trdinoo to inspire others in the comments. 

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