How to be more productive on your daily commute?

How to be more productive on your daily commute?

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes in your day that makes the biggest difference in being productive. Take your daily commute, for instance. You can probably think of plenty of times when your daily commute ruined your entire day.

On an average, the global population spends about 1 Hour 20 Minutes every day on their daily commute. If you live in location known for its traffic conditions or not so well connected part of the world, then the time goes waaaaay up. We’ll tell you how to be more productive on your daily commute.

The Power to Listen

Audio is an important media in communication. The only time we all can truly multitask is when we listen to something while doing something. As audio is a passive medium use it to your advantage. Whether you commute by car, subway, bus, or train, the one thing you can do easily is use your ears.

Listening is an important form of knowledge source. Using a pair of noise cancelling headphones (except while you drive) can be a bliss amidst ever increasing noise pollution around us. You can listen to your local radios to update yourself of the news and happening around your city. Listen to podcast and audio books that you are interested in to be more productive.

Communicate on your Commute

I always love to commute on a public transport. Yes, it consumes a lot of time and is really uncomfortable in many part of the world. But, the new opportunities it offers is immense. It introduces people from all walks of life into yours. Your daily commute is definitely a great time to socialize.

Talk to strangers if you’re feeling up for it. Just start by asking “ What’s your curiosity? “or the weather (Trust me on this, it’s the best Ice Breaker ever). If you are the introvert type, then you can turn to the social media. I’m sure your friends would like to catch up on you. Communicating during commute saves you a lot of time and energy and time to be productive where it matters.

It’s time to Think

If Commuting is definitely one of the most mundane part of day, then it’s time to think. Your daily commute can be a blessing in disguise, to take your me time. The time helps you to reflect on yourself and also allows you to de-stress from your troubles.

On your morning commute, set goals and plan for the day ahead. Setup schedules and meetings or simply create your to do list. Visualize the things that you want to do on that day. On your return, just sit back and meditate or take a power nap. It is easy for your brain to wander around and get lost in your thoughts. Who knows? you could even discover that idea that will make you a billionaire.

If you follow any other productive ritual on your daily commute? Share them with Trdinoo for others to learn in the comments. 

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