10 Strategies to Inspire Workplace Happiness

10 Strategies to Inspire Workplace Happiness

Workplace Happiness is becoming more important nowadays compared to workplaces which are solely focusing on improving productivity. The benefits of workplace happiness are exceeding far beyond profitability and employee retention.

Inspire a Higher Purpose

An inspired employee is more than twice as productive as a satisfied employee. More than ever, people are wanting more out of work than money. They want higher purpose and more meaning to what they do. They want to be to be able to see how their contribution to the workplace makes a difference and be proud about it.

Encourage Happy Workplace Culture

Employees are as important as customers to a business. Workplace happiness involves encouraging greater collaboration between employees through successful company culture. A happy workplace culture is truly responsible in setting the personality and showcases the core values of a company. This helps employees, customers and all other people understand why, how and what your company does.

Encourage Happy Workplace Culture

Make room for Experiment and Failure.

Reward success with praise and recognition over money. Failure is a part of success, so don’t punish them for trying. Employees will be happy to innovate through experimentation knowing that they won’t be punished for failure and will be rewarded for success.

Ensure Equality in Workplace

Everyone is treated as an important team member regardless of their position in a happy workplace. Equal rights should be given to all employees irrespective of any discrimination. Have a diversified team that is inclusive of each other. Hire employees from various countries, communities and backgrounds. Ensure gender equality in hiring, equal pay and other aspects.

Make Work Fun

Implement gamification of work to complete task and projects that are usually mundane in nature. Gamification is a process of adding games or game like elements to something to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty among your employees. It also helps in better collaboration of your workforce which directly results in team building. Use ranking as a performance management tool to measure to success.

Make Work Fun

Reduce Workplace Burnout

Reduce Workplace Burnout by providing them enough holidays and time to relax. Keeping them connected to work 24X7 makes them burnout quickly. Workplace burnout can lead to reduced productivity, a loss of purpose and can even have a negative economic impact. When employees are stressed or not happy a business will experience less turnover, low morale, poor customer service, and a general blow to the bottom line. Allow them to be disconnected when they are not working on something important.

Flexible Work-Life Balance

Help employees in planning flexible work-life balance to have a happy workplace. Flexibility in the workplace allows employers and employees to make arrangements about working conditions that suit them. This helps employees maintain a work-life balance and can help the workplace happiness and also improving the productivity and efficiency of their business.

Minimize Bureaucracy

A happy workplace should avoid internal complexity and hierarchy that leads to inefficient and ineffective interactions. Giving them the freedom and autonomy in making day to day decision will make the employees happier. Time and energy wasted in unnecessary meetings and project approvals will speed things up. Learn how to make faster, better decisions as entrepreneurs. Minimizing bureaucracy thus makes for a happier workplace.

Invest in Employee Development

Invest in Employee Development

Learning skills out of desire rather than because of necessitates are more effective. Employees will want to develop their personal and professional life through learning various skills through reading books, attending seminars or visiting expos. Start with investing in employee development through showing support or reimbursing on relevant skills that the company might need or operates in. Research has found that meeting the need of your employees boosts workplace happiness.

Change your Workplace Design

A modern workplace has office design that supports the companies work culture. The workplace design gives the employees a broader creative freedom and user experience at each stage of their journey. The designs must be user friendly that facilities employees to be happy by having spaces that lets them be productive and innovative.

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