How to Use Wider Audience in Marketing?

How to Use Wider Audience in Marketing?

In marketing, wider audience means all the people outside your target audience.  As a business you might want to put your money where the return on investment is, not simply throw stuff out there and hope it sticks. As much as we love to market to our targeted audience, it is equally important to reach the wider audience as well.

It’s time to get to work and know how to use wider audience in marketing.

Why reach wider audience?

Once you have completed your research and strategy and have defined your target audience, the rest of them simply become your wider audience. Though, the degree of the audience varies from it takes some effort to convert to outright I won’t buy this.

Luckily, wider audience are also filled with influencers who can bring wide visibility. These influential people can help you reach your targeted audience due to a huge following they have and not to mention the brand awareness they can create. Only when the wider audience use your product or service will your business take off successfully.

The objective of marketing is to make the journey from interested bystander to loyal customer.

Catch Them Young

One of the main value in marketing to the wider audience is to catch your customers young. These are the people who will experience your solution to the problem they have had for a long time. It will be easy for you to catch market share quickly.

Sometimes, they may not be buying your product but in time, they will when there is enough awareness about your product and services. These people are the self-learners, who find you by themselves. For the most part they don’t know about your competitors or other alternatives. To catch this loyal niche of people you will have to market to the wider audience.

So, other than the big picture reason, why else should consider wider audience in marketing?

Discovering Value

When you engage with a wide audience, you expand your reach to new people. Not only does this increase the visibility of your content by introducing it to new people, but also helps you reach people who don’t consume your product but will recommend it to someone who does. Reaching out to wider audience will give you an increased efficiency once your reach stages of stagnation or saturation point. By diversifying the consumers and customers you have the chance of discovering unplanned value.

When the people out of your target audience use your product, the feedback they offer will be more valuable. It lets you improve your product or service to accommodate the wider audiences to be a part of the crowd.

You will need a practical plan for how you’re going to find and grow the wider audience.

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