How Robots in Business Will Create New Opportunities?

How Robots in Business Will Create New Opportunities?

Robots in business have been around for a few decades now. As technology has improved in the recent years, robots are increasingly being used in many industries, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and what not.

Robots and The Future of Business

Robots have advanced from use in manufacturing and logistics of big industries, to being adopted by small and medium size companies. Not just in manufacturing but robots are making their way into office environments too. Regarding the future of business and industry, robots will not just free workers up from menial, repetitive tasks but also enable the teams to increase innovation and productivity.

Robotics is currently starting to make an impact in, such as e-commerce for automation in logistics and engineering for better productivity. The development of AI and machine learning technology will have a huge impact here. Engineers are working on sensors, motors, cameras and computer chips, which can deliver a higher performance than ever before. To complement this, new programming languages or frameworks (Robot Operating System – ROS) are being developed.

Where are robots in businesses being used now?

Self-driving vehicles

Future is Now

The exciting news is the future is happening right now. The robotics industry is moving in the right direction impacting every other industry that exists today and even creating new ones on the way. Usage of robots have already become more common in large scale businesses. The growth in technology and affordability is helping even the small business use robots for this business.

Robots are certainly here to stay, and the positive news is that the evolution of this technology is, on the whole, allowing industries to achieve things faster and smarter. It’s far more plausible that robots will be designed for very specific tasks with high degrees of control and routine, enabling increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

New Opportunities Created by Telerobotics

Telerobots are robots that are designed chiefly to allow human operator to perform actions by controlling them from virtually present anywhere.  The field of telerobotics enables a person to be virtually present at a remote location through the help of telerobots to perform actions or for purposes of telepresence.

Telerobotics is used to allow remote users to perform actions by being in a physical location virtually. So its application is used in the Telemedicine to even perform complex surgeries in remote places of the world. Tough it has been used in the space industry for controlling rovers, telescopes, etc. The days ahead will see wide adoption and usage of telerobotics in many more industries.

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Using robots for telepresence you have more control over where you’re going and, more importantly, you can interact with people in a room in a much more hands-on manner and get a feel for who’s in the room with the combination of virtual reality.

Buying robots is cheaper than ever

Buying Robots is Cheaper Than Ever

We live in an era of self-driving cars and robotic vacuum cleaners, and ever more autonomous drones. The innovation in robotics comes relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays. Let’s assume you wanted to buy a robot few years ago, you would need to invest several million dollars. Today it has become affordable enough to save you on costs and timescales with a better return on investment.

Why has the field of robotics advanced so much in the last few years?

  • Falling sensor prices
  • Open source development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Convergence of disparate technologies

The basic infrastructure for use of robots has already been built or is available at a low cost. Business people still think that robots is initially a multi-million dollar investment. It’s changing, but still there’s this mindset that it’s only for big industries. Today startups are using robots in one form or the other. In the past, prototyping was really hard. Thanks to 3D printing building prototypes is easier and time saving than ever.

Robots in Business

Using Robots in Business is relevant to both B2C and B2B businesses. Automation and connectivity as well as themes related to smart cities and Internet of Things are starting to enter the homes of the people. Deliveries by drone, helper-robots in home, autonomous vehicles and the like are drawing closer and closer to changing the everyday lives of the consumer. Thus, plenty of smart things can be achieved by using robots to achieve automation and provide better experience for the customer.

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