Why Video Testimonials are important for Businesses?

Every business has the goal to succeed and grow. It can often be difficult to gain new customers. Most want to hear honest testimonials from unbiased people before they will even consider a new product or service. Video Testimonials are here to help you.

You can talk all day long about how great your business is, or how much better your product is than the competition’s, but this type of self-promotion is been abused by so many companies that potential customers aren’t just going to take your word for it.

Why Video Testimonials?

Testimonials are an important aspect of any business marketing plan. The importance of it has exploded with the use of Internet and Social Networks. New and existing products have also flourished as visitor’s flock to them because they had good reviews from real users. Video testimonials are simply users sharing their real experience with a business’s product or service.

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Video testimonials are even more efficient than written testimonials because they convey a personal spoken message from real customers. In addition, sales have increased over 20% on websites that use video testimonials. Video testimonials allow viewers to see a person’s facial expressions and see the review, as well as hear it. So they can make their own judgments on how truthful the testimonial is. A written testimonial could be written by anyone, but a video testimonial has a real face behind the message.

What You Should Know About Video Testimonials for Your Business?

Your customers and clients know that negative testimonials probably won’t be used, so most of your customers/clients will feel a little obligated to leave a positive review anyway. However, this can result in the video testimonial sounding forced or manipulated. Make sure you inform the customer that they should leave an honest review.

Which Customers Should Be Selected for Video Testimonials?

Which Customers Should Be Selected for Video Testimonials?

You’ll want to choose the customers that are the most satisfied. Customers that had an issue, even if it was fixed, might not be apt to give the best testimonial. You want a customer who was completely satisfied with their entire experience, so that you receive the most glowing review possible. At the same time, you want honest testimonials, not testimonials that sound manipulated or fake.

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Should You Create a Script for Your Customer to Read From?

The answer is NO; but you can give them some guidance on the areas to focus on. This can be accomplished by simply informing the customer which areas of their experience would be most beneficial to the viewers. This can include customer service, the quality of the product, shipping (if applicable), or other aspects of their experience. You want to choose the aspects that the customer will most likely only have good things to say about.

How Long Should a Video Testimonial be?

While there is no definite length of time for video testimonials, you should try to keep them short. The reason for this is mainly because most people have short attention spans, especially when it comes to web videos. Anything longer than 1-2 minutes, and you run the risk of viewers clicking out of the video, which could result in the loss of their interest in your product or service.

How Long Should a Video Testimonial be?

What Type of Scene Should You Use for Your Video Testimonial?

Make sure you create interesting and engaging video testimonials for your business, product, or service. Make sure you have a quality video testimonial that will win new customers over.

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The background scene can be anything you think is interesting or relevant to the product or service that’s being talked about. The main thing to remember is to use good lighting, and make sure the background scenery isn’t too distracting from the person giving the testimonial. Some companies use a blended scene that shows the person talking and the product simultaneously. Others use the picture-in-picture method, which shows the product, with the person giving the testimonial in a small window in the corner of the screen. Hire a video professional if you need help.

It’s time to Go win some new customers!

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