3 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Play the Long Game

3 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Play the Long Game

The best successful entrepreneurs are recognizable, household names. This kind of popularity isn’t grown overnight. Though the meaning of long term has changed among today’s disruptive entrepreneurs. It requires a long term vision of constant engagement, continuous effort to grow. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, here is why you need to play the long game.

Successful Entrepreneurs See the Big Picture

If you don’t have a vision and you’re not sure where you’re going, you’re going to have difficulty navigating every single crossroads. Successful entrepreneurs see the big picture; they know where they want to be. This sense of purpose, will provide their own sense of validation. As a result of this, their craving for validation from external sources will be of minimal impact.

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They Don’t take their eyes off the ball. They understand failures and stagnation are a part of being successful. It might take time to achieve what they want, so they play the long game.

Successful Entrepreneurs want to be Infinitely Successful

Successful Entrepreneurs want to be Infinitely Successful

There are infinite ways to be Successful. Successful entrepreneurs understand this better than anyone. There are so many new opportunities coming and going. Instead of focusing on short term success or income, focus on why you’re doing it.

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They know they can make money here and there or even catch a big fish at times. However, they want to be successful sustainably as long as they can. For them it’s about doing something you love as long as possible and be successful in it. They make sure to postpone instant gratification and work towards the long term goals to be successful.

Successful Entrepreneurs want to be Change Makers

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Entrepreneurs who focus on providing value to their customers are playing the long game. Eventually, they want to gain customer loyalty and create value for them. Later they might even become leaders in the market they are in. Not just that, they want to change the future for good with their actions and commitment. Most of the time all the innovators, disruptors and successful entrepreneurs play the long game to be change makers.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

– Albert Einstein

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