3 Low Cost Inventions To Save The World

Making the world a better place need not be a costly affair. These 3 low cost inventions will help us change the world for better.

1) Corn Cobs to Clean Water

low cost water purifier

Purifying water can save us billions in healthcare and bring an exponential change to our living condition and environment. Unclean water and polluted water can be purified for reuse using these low cost inventions.

Corn cobs is not much of use except for animal feed and as a fuel to burn, can now be used to purify water. Thanks to this little girl’s discovery now we can use it to purify water. Simply using theses corn cobs in its natural form and by making some of it activated carbon we can now purify water.

2) Solar Mosquito Destroyer

solar mosquito destroyer

Mosquitoes today are being repelled or killed using chemicals mostly which are harmful to the humans as well. Deadly Diseases like Zika, Malaria, Dengue and more are all cause of these Mosquitoes. Not to mention the painful bites and the annoying buzzing sound.

The main specialty of this invention of solar mosquito destroyer device is its scientific and Eco friendly nature that makes it different from other machines. It attracts the mosquitoes by providing a dark place which acts as a breeding ground. The solar powered LED light is used to attract the mosquitoes and kill them of dehydration, heat and by using a clever technique.

3) Harnessing Biogas

low cost inventions - biogas plant

Biogas is a low cost renewable energy source. It is produced from the biodegradable waste we living things generate. Biogas can be filtered and compressed, the same way natural gas is compressed to CNG. It is being used to power cars and bikes. The compressed gas is stored for later use after bottling. Biogas are produced even on a very small scale in our homes to use it for cooking and heating. It is also used in producing electricity too.

The anaerobic digestion which produces biogas is also producing sludge as a by-product, which is an organic manure. It is used in farming to cut the urea and other chemical fertilizers. Harnessing biogas can also provides the benefits of sanitation and better waste management.

There is many more, low cost inventions out there to save the world. In my opinion these 3 inventions are simple to produce and use yet can have a compounding effect to bring goodness to the world.


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