4K Multi Client Monitor that divide into 4 Screens

Dell 4k Multi Client Monitor P4317Q

Dell launches its newest 43-inch Ultra HD 4K Multi Client monitor P4317Q that is capable of dividing into four different panels at 1080p resolution each. The monitor connects up to four independent clients to it with customized views, all without bezel breaks. So you can take total command of your tasks. By making these four monitors fitting into one display. P4317Q Increases productivity for specialized users who would need crisp text, graphs and colors make it a very useful tool.

Who is it for?

This display is designed specifically for financial institutions, trading floors, software developers, film editors and others multi taskers who need charts, graphs or code and live results on screen at any given time. This monitor is suitable for freelancers; whether they are digital designers or web developers to create content and monitor their social feeds with ease.

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For all those people who work all day staring at monitors, the true matte finish and low reflection mean you can work comfortably, without strain to your eyes. Unlike traditional TVs, this monitor is built for business, with multiple inputs for key office applications. The Dell Display Manager shows content up to four different inputs simultaneously, with the capability to easily rearrange or zoom.

Pros of Multi Client Monitor

The power consumption is 70 W at normal operations and up to 160 W at maximum usage which is very efficient to a 4 monitor setup. The standby time for the monitor is below 0.3 W, which saves a lot of electricity when its turned off. The monitor also has enough connectivity options, like 2 x HDMI and 4 x USB 3.0 ports with a VGA backup among others. RS232 connection allows for simple remote management by IT. Linking up multiple monitors could be nightmare with cable running around. This monitor saves you from those worries.

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