5 Grooming Rules Every Gentlemen Obeys

Grooming and Style

We decode top 5 grooming style essentials every gentlemen obeys in their life for you to follow. It is of utmost importance for every man to understand and follow these rules even if you don’t care about fashion.

1) Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene is an important part of the grooming process. We are going to repeatedly state the obvious things your mother has repeated. Floss your teeth, Clip those Nails, Trim you Hair, Wash and Iron your dress before you wear. Yes, Listen to her.

2) Dress Away

Picking an appropriate dress for the occasion saves a lot of blunder. A well fit dress goes a long way in making yourself look like a gentlemen. A simple white shirt and a blue jean will do if you’re ever confused.

3) Pick your Belt

Unless you’re from Wild West, choose a simple belt with a neat buckle. Be careful about the colors. A simple black belt should be suitable for most of the occasions.

4) Invest in your Socks

Your Socks should match your shirt. It’s OK if you can match it to your tie or trousers. Matching it to your shoes won’t get you extra points. Makes sure they have no holes and stains. Besides, the pair of socks should match one another.

5) Choose your Shoes

What you wear on your feat can make or break deals for you. Wearing the right shoes often gets you bonus points. It is often said, shoes reveal a lot about the person wearing it.

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