7 Lessons Pokémon Go teaches about starting a Business

7 Lessons Pokémon Go teaches about starting a Business

Pokémon Go is a radical game that changed the way we play games. In addition, it can also help you learn these 7 lessons about starting a business.

1) Get Out There and Explore

To play Pokémon Go you have to move around. You basically have to move out of your couch to play the game. Almost starting a business also has the same rules. Get out there and explore the new opportunities. Test your idea if you have one. Let your idea out, talk to others for feedback. Getting out and exploring can also help you find your next billion-dollar idea too.

2) Incubation

Incubator is where you hatch your eggs. Depending on the distance you need to cover. The chance of you getting a rare Pokémon increases. Likewise, the quality time you spend before starting a business researching, evaluating and adding value to your product during your incubation level, ensures you get more good opportunities on your way.

3) Persuasion

While catching a Pokémon, they can bat away your Poké Ball. You need to target them rightly to catch them and get some bonus experience for doing it right. Also trying to hold them for few seconds helps in catching them. You can use your curved ball or feed them with fruits or any other techniques to catch it. You need to keep trying again and again to catch them.

Starting a business is the first level. To get you new businesses and sell your products, you have to be persuade your clients and customers. Persuasion is nothing but trying again and again until your reach your goal. You have to be persuasive and stay motivated to run a successful business.

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4) Experience helps you Level Up

You get experience for catching new Pokemon’s and by other means. Amount of experience to level up gets higher and higher as we continue to level up. Life also rewards you with more experiences as you do new things. More experience will give you more knowledge and opportunities to come your way. Your business will level up with your growing experience.

5) Gaining and Holding Market Share (and Gyms)

Gaining and holding new gyms are part of the game. These limited resources can be claimed with battling out different teams. To hold your ground, you will also need to partner with your other team members.

Business have the same challenge as the game in the form of gaining and holding market share. Finding a new market is like claiming a new gym. You sometime have to find partners to gain or hold the market share of your company. Other businesses will constantly keep trying to gain your market share, you need to keep evolving and adding value to your customers with your experience to hold your market share.

6) Team Work

In Pokémon Go from battling and holding gyms with your team members to getting actual information from other players in the real world, team work helps. Even in your business, having the right team helps you go a long way. The likeminded people, working towards accomplish the same goal as you help you get your goal faster.

7) Don’t waste Time

Your chance to catch a Pokémon disappears eventually after a certain amount of time it spends on the map of your Pokémon Go game. Opportunities in real life are not that different to the virtual world. If you see a new opportunity, take it. Big or small if you don’t promptly address the opportunity that you have at hand, you will lose it at worst you will never have it again.

There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. Now go catch‘em all .

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