List of Research Meetings and Conferences on Aging Science

Aging Science Research Conference List

Aging science research is now the focus of many companies in the field of biochemistry, genetics, behavior, molecular and cellular biology among others. In almost every country, the proportion of people aged over 60 years is growing faster than ever. Here is the list of research meetings and conferences on aging science.

Conferences In 2016

  • Basel Life Sciences Week – BLSW – MipTec 2016
    September 19-23, 2016, Basel, Switzerland
    Aging and Drug Discovery Forum is September 21-22, 2016
    Extended Deadline for abstract submission is 21 July 2016, 3 pm PDT.
  • 4th World Parkinson Congress
    September 20-23, 2016, Portland, Oregon
    Abstracts due 25 April 2016
    Early registration discount before July 5, 2016
  • Future of Ageing
    10th European Congress of Biogerontology
    6th Biogerontological Meeting at the Nencki Institute
    September 23-24, 2016, Warsaw, Poland
  • Cell Fate Diversity in Aging
    September 25 – 28, 2016, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    Organizers: Jan Vijg and Judith Campisi
    Early registration discount by May 31.
    Oral abstracts deadline: July 19.
    Poster abstracts deadline: August 19
  • International Conference on Aging and Disease (ICAD)
    International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD)
    September 30 – October 2, 2016, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
    Proposal Submission Deadline: May 1, 2016
    Abstract Submission Deadline: September 1, 2016
  • Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing (EHA)
    September 29 – October 1, 2016, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016 Barshop Symposium on Aging
    “Promoting Healthy Aging: Intervening with Diet, Drugs, or Exercise”
    13 – 16 October 2016, The Mayan Ranch, Bandera, Texas, near San Antonio.
    Conference Organizers: Sara Espinoza, MD, M.Sc.; Dean Kellogg, MD, PhD; Adam Salmon, PhD
    Speakers include Jim Kirkland, MD, PhD (Senolytics); Hazel Szeto, MD, PhD (SS-31).
    Early registration deadline: September 23, 2016

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  • Sherbrooke Research Centre on Aging 2nd international Symposium on the Biology of Aging
    Paving the Way for Healthy Aging
    19 – 20 October 2016, Montreal, Quebec
    Since this symposium is held as a pre-congress meeting of the 45th Canadian Association on Gerontology’s Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting, you can register for either one or the other or both meetings through the web link.
  • AABB Annual Meeting
    American Association of Blood Banks
    October 22-25, 2016, Orlando, Florida
  • Gerontological Society of America (GSA)
    69th Annual Scientific Meeting
    “New Lens on Aging: Changing Attitudes, Expanding Possibilities”
    November 16-20, 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Abstracts deadline: March 15, 2016
  • Society for Redox Biology and Medicine: 23rd Annual Meeting.
    Society for Free Radical Research International 18th Biennial Congress.
    (SFRBM and SFFRI joint meeting)
    November 16 – 19, 2016, San Francisco, California
    Abstract submission deadline: September 1, 2016
    Early registration discount deadline: October 15, 2016
  • A4M World Congress
    American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
    December 9-11, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada

Conferences In 2017

  • 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics
    “Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice.” with GSA
    July 23 – 27, 2017, San Francisco, California
    GSA is the largest membership organization of IAGG and will serve as the host society for the IAGG World Congress. GSA will not convene its own Annual Scientific Meeting that year. IAGG convenes every four years.
    IAGG Abstracts deadline: July 15, 2016

Conferences In 2018

The following events attract many people including nascent and seasoned scientists and enthusiasts in the trade of aging science. The list is curated with the help of  our friends John Furber and Maria Konovalenko.  A special thanks to them.

I would love to hear about other Meetings and Conferences on Aging Science. Comment below or tweet us at @trdinoo. Please share this list with your friends and fellow people.

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