Why Entrepreneurs should take risks every day?


Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. If you’re not a risk taker, you should not and cannot become an entrepreneur. Let me tell you Why, Entrepreneurs should take risks every day?

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Entrepreneurs challenge themselves right from the word go. Quitting a comfortable, well-paid job to follow one’s idea and passion is a big risk in itself. They have to invest a big sum of money in business, till the business attains sustainability. They have to pay the loans, bills, take care of family and many more other commitments.

Getting out of this comfort zone, gives them new opportunities, with new opportunities, comes a new lifestyle. By challenging and taking risks every day, the entrepreneur redefines his comfort zone. His experience teaches him he has traveled a long way from his comfort zone which has made him much better.

Do or Do not

In Master Yoda’s words, ‘Do or Do Not, there is no Try’. Only by challenging himself every day an entrepreneur excels. She/He has to try new things to have different results. Until one can try, they can never know what the result would have been. The regret of “Only If’s” won’t bother them until they do or do not and not just try.

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Only Change is Constant

The only thing that is constant is change. Entrepreneurs embrace it like, it’s their habit. Risks bring change for both good and bad. They don’t’ wait to know what happens, they do things and adapt with the results. Like the end of a balance sheet, the total risks of an entrepreneur are calculated by the change he has faced. Either profit and loss, but he has successfully become an entrepreneur.

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