How to Build a Loyal Following as a Leader?

How to Build a Loyal Following as a Leader?

For centuries, people have lead one another in many ways for better and worse.  It is often the leaders and their loyal followers who have been change makers. If you decide to do good and want to build a loyal following as a leader, here are the few qualities to have,

Explain Why You Do What You Do

Always explain why you chose to do what you do. Letting them know why, will help your followers understand you as a leader better. The people who are able to connect with what you say, will stand by you and eventually become your loyal followers even in the hardest of times.

Give them true facts and reasons why you want them to do something. You will be surprised how often others are willing to do what you want when you tell them why you need their help.  I believe the word “why?” Has the power to change anyone’s mind.

Stand by Your Values

Be true to yourself and stand by the values that you choose to stand by. Don’t change your stance according to trends and emotions. Be brave and stand by your values, don’t change them unless there is a rational point to do so. This will help you successfully build a loyal following as a leader.

Stand by Your Values

Be Trustworthy

People follow you for a reason or other. They believe you can lead them to a better place. Be it a product, company or a cause, your followers have trusted you. It is your duty to be trustworthy and dependable as a leader. Only, the quality of trust can build a loyal following for any leader anywhere.

Build Influence

As a leader you should have influence on your followers. You should be able to inspire them to take actions. The relationship between a leader and his loyal followings can inspire and influence more human connections. The influence you have to reach your message across to others solely depend on the community of loyal followers you have. Therefore, more potential influence is likely to happen through them.

Follow Transparency

The overall strategy to build a loyal following is founded on the principle of transparency. Everything you do, from the decision you make to actions you implement should be transparent.  Involve as many people as you can, let them ask questions until they clear all their doubts. Explain to them with patience on the logic of your decisions.

Follow Transparency

Keep an Open Mind

Actively seek feedback on how you can improve. A good leader should be able to take criticism as much as they take appreciation. Keeping an open mind will free you off many biases from your past experiences. It’s OK if you haven’t figured it all out when you start. But, not willing to learn or gain experience from your mistakes is sure sign of failing your followers.

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Be Loyal to your followers

Loyalty is a two-way street. As a leader, it is time to show your loyalty to them when the time comes. Remember, I’m not telling you to show bias but to stand by them when they are in need for good. Stand for their rights and inspire them to do the same. Share the credit with every one of your follower and take sole responsibility for any failure because it is you who have lead them.

Focus on Quality of Impact

A small, yet loyal following is worth a thousand times more than a mass following. The number of people who follow you does not count if they don’t follow your lead. Focus on the quality of impact you can make as a leader than the quantity.

Show Empathy

Modern days have proven how important and scarce emotion and empathy have become.  A good leader must walk in the shoes of others to understand better. Always think twice before when you ask them for something and would you do the same for them in return. By showing empathy and emotional intelligence your followers understand you better to become loyal followers.

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Take Charge and Lead

Show by example. Be proactive and inspire others by standing in the front and leading. You can also choose to stand at the back and motivate your followers to make them leaders as well. It is important to give back to your followers to build a loyal following. The true meaning of leadership is be ready to stand in front of them for them first before yourself.

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