INTEC 2017 Trade Show: Robotics, Automation, IoT and More

INTEC 2017 Trade Show: Robotics, Automation, IoT and More

INTEC 2017, one of the largest B2B Industrial trade show in India, is presenting the latest in machines and tools for the industries. This year’s INTEC 2017 showcased a lot more on robotics, automation, IoT among others.

As always INTEC is a congregation of various Industries exhibiting their finest innovations and services. After hosting 16 successful editions of INTEC organized by CODISSIA at Coimbatore, India; this year is showcasing over 500+ exhibitors over 200 product categories. The event is witnessing a growth in footfalls each year while this year hosting around hundred thousand business visitors from all over the world.

INTEC 2017 Trade Fair
INTEC 2017 Trade Fair

In sync with the global manufacturing industry, the growing trends of robotics, automation and other innovations can be witnessed at INTEC 2017. There is no doubt the world is moving towards these new technologies which enables business to function sustainably and efficiently. The event showcases new opportunities for industries to adopt and expand their business.

Robotics and Automation

It looks like this year’s theme is robotics and automation. We can spot almost every manual operation in the manufacturing industry being transformed with products from robotics and automation. Most stalls are exhibiting their products with a demo of what their machines and tools can do.

INTEC 2017 Trade Fair - Robotics
INTEC 2017 Trade Fair – Robotics

You can see that people are excited by the showcase of these new technologies. From CNC machines to automated storage and retrieval systems demonstrated the usefulness in adopting automation. A lot of enquires and interest where showcased by the business people in adopting these new technologies for their businesses.

IoT and ERP

Be it a small scale business or industry giants, there is an interest in adopting IoT solutions in managing the business and inter linking the companies efficiently. A lot of stalls provided solutions for monitoring and reporting through Internet of Things. The convenience of using mobiles and just the internet to monitor your business even when you’re travelling around the world had many takers.

INTEC 2017 Trade Show - IoT
INTEC 2017 Trade Show – IoT

We could also see, more entrepreneurs are opting towards accountability and efficiency in managing their business. The idea of generating live reports on business performance within a few clicks had many takers. We can see a lot of management and business delegates show genuine interest in adopting these technologies.

Cranes, Pneumatics and Laser Cutting

Cranes for various uses like transport of containers to assisted weight lifting are on display. Indian Governments initiative of promoting manufacturing in India through its “Make In India” campaign proves to have a good traction at INTEC 2017. Businesses have tied up with companies from countries like Japan, Korea, USA, Germany to utilize the new opportunities to manufacture in India.

INTEC 2017 Trade Show - Automation
INTEC 2017 Trade Show – Automation

At the expo, we are seeing a large number of stalls displaying various products with pneumatic functions, be it for handling of components or in use for production process. There are also products that showcase the sparkling laser cutters which also happen to be power efficient.

Renewable Energy Solutions

The event, INTEC 2017 also showcased renewable energy solutions to support the business. Solar panels to wind power generators were also on display. The latest innovations in transformers and backup power supply are also being showcased.

Now this is an event we don’t want to miss the next year too. Wonder what the next INTEC will offer us.

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