This One Timeline Will Make You Successful at Anything

This One Timeline Will Make You Successful at Anything

This is one of the best timeline designed for you to dream, set goals, reduce problems, foster better planning and time management and make you successful at anything you do. Most leaders and countries in the world use this one timeline strategy to be efficient and successful.

Dream in Years

The first step to becoming successful is also the most obvious, to dream. Whether it is running a startup that is changing the world, or simply setting life goals it all starts with a dream. Your dreams should always be long term to be successful. Only if your able to dream for the long term, you will be able to foresee the changes and the impact you can create in some certain years. One can avoid the pitfalls of trends and bubbles if they can dream something in the long term. Tough, the future is uncertain, a dream’s relevance in the future should be visualized which will fuel ground breaking ideas and solutions.

Set Goals in Months

At a broader level, people tend to set impossible goals ahead of them and often fail which brings down their morale. Setting goals in achievable and small scale will help you reach success without burning out too soon. Setting goals in months, will help you complete your goals and analyze your target and evaluate what you have done. Planning and setting goals for the next month can be changed according to the accomplishments and backlogs if there are any. Splitting your goals in months will help yourself in planning and be mentally prepared to work towards your goals.

Progress in Weeks

Weeks give you the ability to quickly adapt to the situation. So monitoring progress in weeks helps you to do things easily by breaking up bigger tasks while you work towards your goal. By keeping track of your progress in weeks, you will know if you have to rush your work or do something in a more relaxed manner. Experimenting with new ideas and trying to improve productivity and performance will be helpful if you measure them in weeks. Working towards progress in weeks will keep you focused and pro-active.

Execute in Days

It is not difficult to do anything for a day, from learning something new to start exercising. But over time, these baby steps can add up to a lot. Spend time every day by taking actions to reach your goals one day at a time. The consistency and commitment of working towards your dream will make you feel confident in reaching success. This positive attitude will have a rubbing effect on everything you do. Remember, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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