7 Successful Strategies to Bypass the Gatekeepers

7 Successful Strategies to Bypass the Gatekeepers like Donna from Suits

Reaching the decision makers, bypassing the gatekeepers is one of the daunting tasks most of us have to face. These 7 successful strategies will help you even bypass gatekeepers like Donna from the “Suits” TV series.

If you have tried to reach A-Lister’s in an industry in person or just through a phone call, most of the time you face resistance at front desk or from their assistants. It is more likely that you have to pass through these gatekeepers to reach these decision makers.

1) Explain Why? to The Gatekeeper

Be ready with a compelling reason why the gatekeeper should let you in or transfer your call to the person you’re trying to reach. Gatekeepers are placed to ensure only relevant people or calls reach these important people. It is their strategy to eliminate week and unwanted people or information reaching them to utilize the best of their time.

2) Gatekeepers Test Your Perseverance

Gatekeepers may meet or receive people like you all day long. They will simply reject you to test your perseverance. Your patience and determination will be noted by the gatekeeper. It is important that you stand out from the crowd. Remember, they will only know about your perseverance if they remember you from the first time. Making that first impression is key in this strategy. Make sure you nudge the gatekeeper in the right direction and not end up irritating.

3) Mention your Last Meeting or Correspondence

Let the gatekeepers know that you have already established contact with the person you are trying to reach. Make sure to ask for them in a personal tone, if you know the person. Using first name can be helpful. Tell them where you met the person or about your last conversation to set up credibility. If you have a referral or know someone who works there, mention their name.

4) Be Respectful and Honest

To be respectful should be considered more a manner than a strategy. Remember that gatekeepers are people like you and me. There is no reason for anyone to be disrespectful or rude. Just pleasantly greet them and have light conversation if it’s necessary. Then be honest and say why and what you need. Ask them to deliver the message to the concern person and later check for the reply or acknowledgement.

How to Bypass Gatekeepers
How to Bypass Gatekeepers

5) Make Gatekeeper You Friend

Make a good impression with the gatekeeper. If you know how to establish friendship with this person, he or she can be a great partner in getting what you want. Compliment by saying something good about them that you notice.  Be calm and relaxed when you are approaching them.  If you listen to them like a good friend, they will even provide you with tips for you to reach your goal successfully.

6) Ask and The Gatekeeper Shall Help

A good gatekeeper is like a login password. If you pass the above rules they let you in. Else, you can try genuinely asking them for help to have an appointment or transfer the call to the person you’re trying to meet. You will be surprised to find how many of them will lead you straight through the jackpot. Don’t forget to say the magic words, Please and Thank You.

7) Bypass the Working Hours

Meeting or Calling the important person early in the morning will usually help. If you know the office lunch time, use it to call. Most people that are hard to meet work long hours than the gatekeepers itself. You can try bypassing the gatekeepers by circumventing the working hours.


On the worst case scenario, If gatekeeper is being counter-productive and of no help. If there is absolutely no other way to bypass the gatekeeper. Sound like you are someone important and is at same or higher rank than the decision maker you are trying to reach. Remember, they are responsible for getting you through, if they sense any negativity or manipulation they will simply deny you privilege to pass.

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If you have any other strategy you have used to bypass the gatekeepers successfully? Share them with Trdinoo for others to learn in the comments. 

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