How to Reorganize Your Home Office for Greater Productivity?

Whether you’ve been toying with the idea of working from home or have been well on your way to making the leap into entrepreneurship, having a home office helps you to be on top of your game anytime.

New priorities and tasks are pretty much daily occurrences in our lives as working adults. When the line between home and work gets blurred, things can get a little complicated. Working from home can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, so long as you follow certain rules. In fact, there are various studies in favor of working from home.

Learn here how to reorganize your home office for greater productivity.

Use The Advantage of Ergonomics

Contrary to popular corporate belief, comfort and productivity go hand in hand. Many office designers mistakenly believe that more uncomfortable workspaces will keep employees alert and attentive, but it will actually distract them more. Furniture that’s comfortable and functional is vital to a productive office space.

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Ergonomics in the home office is also essential for your health. About 90 percent of Americans report experiencing back pain, and 50 percent report back problems every year because of their jobs. Sitting hunched over at an uncomfortable desk can lead to pain and illness, significantly diminishing your productivity and health.

Let Some Natural Light In

A good home office allows plenty of natural light in, without glaring up your computer screen. You’re going to be looking at it all day. So, there is no sense in having to spend the day squinting. Consider how you can arrange your office to get the most natural light on your workspace without getting it directly on your screen.

Grow Some Green

Though you probably shouldn’t set up shop in your garden, you can definitely bring some of the outdoors in. If growing plants isn’t your thing, try something resilient, like a small cactus or succulent, or at least arrange your desk so that you can see the outdoors. A desk or floor plant is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and create some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen.

Grow Some Green

Take Meaningful Breaks

When it’s time to take a break, most of us default to clicking over to social networks for a while. But for a more productive way to recharge your batteries, Signup with website like to inspire your curiosity. At Qreoo try reading relevant articles that give you some inspiration and learn about new innovations in your field.

During breaks if you have enough time, even taking a walk around your block can help. As long as you’re timing your breaks, you’ll be back to work in no time, and your brain will feel a bit more refreshed. Choose an increment of time that works better for your schedule and work habits. Just be careful not to make it so short that it interrupts you when you’re finally in the zone, or so long that it is ineffective.

Keep A Distraction Around, But Out of the Way

It’s important to have distractions around. When you take a break, doing something just for fun can help you wipe your mental RAM and begin afresh when you return to work.

But remember to keep them out of reach and out of sight while you work, because you may end up spending more time distracted and playing than actually working. If you find you spend a lot of time in the office but not much time working, it may be because your distractions are out in the open where you’re tempted to easily. Hide them, or develop some serious self-discipline.

Keep A Distraction Around, But Out of the Way

Use Your Workspace to Hack Your Brain into Focusing

What’s the first thing you do when you sit down to write? Open social networks or Go browsing. Then you need to hack your brain into focusing. I’d normally recommend doing emails at the start of the day. If you’re the kind of person who feels the urge to check email all day, limit it now. Aside from setting boundaries and a firm daily routine, you can apply hacks to force yourself into focusing.

Set the Right Temperature

A lot of people don’t realize that temperature has a huge impact on your overall productivity. Setting the temperature too hot or cold can make it tough to accomplish work. Productivity can be much better at temperatures to a more comfortable thermal zone to you. Even if you have to apply some creative initiatives for saving money on your HVAC costs this year, the increased productivity will be well worth your efforts.

Create Physical and Emotional Barriers

It’s challenging not to mix work with your personal life. However, successful remote workers master the art of mentally shutting out the distractions of family and other personal matters. Make sure that your workspace doesn’t coincide with anyone’s play space. Or, at the very least, choose a room with a door.

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With physical barrier, it will be easier to develop mental and emotional fences to separate your personal life. In addition to having a dedicated work area, it is also really important to keep at least one space in the house as a business-free zone. It takes time and discipline to develop these barriers, but it’s not beyond your reach.

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