4 Things to Research Before Writing a Social Media Plan?

A social media plan can help you understand who your customers are? how to engage them? and how to define your brand. Writing your social media plan will be much easier once you know what you are dealing with. Some useful areas to research include,

Research The Channels

Which social media channels best suit your business? To find the answer, it might be useful to register a personal account on a few channels and have a look around. Always check the terms and conditions carefully so you know your rights and obligations before you start. Once you become familiar with the channel, you can decide which ones you can see your business using and benefiting from.

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Research Your Business

Once you know a little bit about social media, it’s time to research your business. Find out if social media is suited to your business, its key goals and whether you have the knowledge and capacity to launch an online social media presence. Once you know which channels suit your needs, only choose the ones you have time to develop and maintain. Remember it’s not enough to only have a presence on these channels. Using and maintaining them is where the work lies.

Research Your Customers

If you have researched your business and you think social media is well suited to your business goals, go online and do some research on your potential and current customers. Find out if they are already online and if they are using social media. If so, find out which social media tools your customers are using and what they are saying about your business and industry. If you want to know what your customers in your industry are curious about, Qreoo.com is a great place to start.

Research Your Competitors

Next, find out if your competitors are online and using social media. If they are, look at your competitors’ social media pages. Find out how they use it and how their customers interact with them. Going online before you get started can help you learn from your competitors. It helps you discover how they have succeeded or where they could have improved.

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Now, you are eligible to Go! Write that successful social media plan for your business.

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