If Fashion is your trade, then Travel to Ura-Hara, Tokyo

Travel to Ura-Hara, Japan

If Fashion is your Trade, then you should travel to Ura-Hara of Tokyo, Japan. The Ura-Hara culture with its uniqueness, is attracting celebrity fans like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj and the whole Fashion Industry for its new fashion trends.

Ura-Harajuku or Ura-Hara is a neighbourhood in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan.  Ura-Harajuku is at the centre of attraction in the fashion industry for spotting new fashion trends. Tokyo is considered a fashion hotspot because of the major influence of Ura-Hara locality and its culture.

The Harajuku boutiques have niche customers among the people who follow these cultures.  The streets of Harajuku are becoming an incubator for teens to experiment and showcase their fashion talents. Tourists visiting Tokyo are also on a shopping spree when visiting this fashion neighborhood from across the world just as much as the local teens in Japan. Evidently, the Ura-Hara culture is having a huge fan following from around the world.

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Harajuku Culture

Harajuku, Tokyo
Harajuku, Tokyo

The Harajuku Culture is known around the world for its fashionable dresses with rich colors and different styles. The culture is especially famous among the teens between 12 to 15 years of age. There are many street fashion magazines and various social media and fashion channels covering this culture for its global followers though extremely popular in the South-East Asia Region.

The teens following the Harajuku culture can be seen with different colored hairs and customized dresses defining their styles. Basically, they mix and match different clothing, accessories and create their own style.  There are many others cities throughout japan that follow this culture but, the region of Ura-Hara acts as the ground zero. The basic of the Harajuku Culture is creativity, change and evolution.

To keep yourself updated with the street fashion of Tokyo and more, visit TokyoFashion.com . Thanks to them for some of these amazing pictures and insights into the Harajuku Culture.

Fashion in Ura-Hara

Fashion in Ura-Hara
Fashion in Ura-Hara

The independent fashion designers fuel the Ura-Hara culture mostly. These vibrant street fashion designers are making big fashion brands run for their money. It is continuously creating new trends that barley lasts for a few months before another new fashion trend exceeds it. Well known fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Armani and Prada have their stores here as well. But, the footfalls received by them are no match to street fashion shops of the Harajuku culture.

The street fashion market of Ura-Hara is based on kawaii, steampunk, cosplay, gothic, Lolita, rock, Mori Kei and a mix of many more unique styles. Each shop features originality and creativity.  Fashion designers and their entourages fill the streets of Ura-Harajuku . Most of the young designers dress up in one of their new creations, trying to create the next wave of trends and style. Even the shoppers who visit these shops are also highly fashionable in appearance, as well.

Some of the Harajuku fashion designers are crossing into designing for mainstream fashion brands. Many popular fashion events showcase the designers from Ura-Hara. Most designers are selling their designs in their own retail stores. Many designs have evolved from the Harajuku culture and made it into main stream fashion today. Today, the fashion startups and the industry not just for inspiration but also to discover the trends and trendsetters of the future closely watch the Ura-Hara culture. Go, Travel to the Ura-Hara of Tokyo, Japan.

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